Glass Towers keep things simple and to the point in their new video for 'Griffin.' No fancy special effects or anything like that. The Australian band heads into the studio and lays down the shimmering song. And we get to watch.

But it's not just a static camera capturing the action. With all the different camera angles and cutaway shots, the visuals are more dynamic than you'd think. You can watch the exclusive premiere of the video above.

'Griffin' comes from Glass Towers' upcoming debut album, 'Halcyon Days,' which is set for release on June 17. The song itself is about the pleas of an average guy who's trying his best to woo a girl who's giving him nothing but a hard time. But he's there, by her side, every step of the way.

'Halcyon Days' was released in the band's homeland last year. And it's built quite a buzz for the group. It debuted at the top of the Australian Independent Records chart, and was a favorite at radio stations across the nation.

Glass Towers' recently wrapped a their first North American tour, hitting big cities including New York, Los Angeles, Toronto and Montreal. We're guessing once 'Halcyon Days' starts making waves over here, they'll be back for more.

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