Following the release of It Was a Triumph We Once Proposed … Songs of Jason MolinaGlen Hansard is ready to unveil his next album.

The Irish singer-songwriter made the announcement with a video that he shared on his Facebook page last night (June 29). Showing clips of looking out his plane window and shots of old photos and handwritten notes in a book, Hansard's voice emerges with a moody string section playing in the background. Check it out above.

"There will be no more running around for me / No more backing down the sea / Whatever lies in store for me / I'll get through," he sings.

The song then abruptly changes gears as the words, "Didn't He Ramble," appear on the screen followed by clips of the the Frames and Swell Season frontman going through the motions of travel -- from checking in his guitar to getting on the plane. We then find him in the studio discussing what the new music will be and ends in the recording studio with the brass and woodwind section playing their parts before the 75-second video ends.

The record will be called Didn't He Ramble and will hit the streets on Sept. 18 via Anti- Records. Along with the video clip shared on Facebook, Hansard premiered the album's single, "Winning Streak," via NPR Music First Watch:

"I feel I've really dug deep for these songs, and I've been chasing specific ideas asking myself, 'What is it I'm trying to say with this line or idea,'" Hansard says in a press release. "One would hope that through all of this that you find your voice. And, amazingly, you might find it in the smallest gesture of a song."

Didn't He Ramble will be the follow-up to Hansard's 2012 debut solo record, Rhythm and Repose. While "Winning Streak" is the first official taste of the new album, it looks like he did perform the title track for Acordes Urbanos Dublin sessions. You can see that performance below:

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