Goodtime Boys toe the line between the metal-tinged melodic Midwest hardcore that was so prevalent a few years ago -- i.e. Misery Signals, Crossbearer, Amora Savant -- and the East Coast's postured and dissonant groups like Remembering Never, with just a touch of dissonance and minor chords for flavor. If that weren't reason enough for the U.K. quintet to call this sound their own, vocalist Alexander Pennie's subtle European accent pierces through his desperate cries just enough to remind you exactly who's screaming in your ear.

As Goodtime Boys ready the release of their Bridge 9 Records debut, 'What's Left to Let Go,' we bring you the song 'Bliss.' Looking ahead to the record, guitarist Kai Woolen-Lewis tells, "These songs are a document of our last year as a band; some were honed on tour and played live a whole bunch, some were written just in time to record, but even still this double-EP feels like a whole body of work, and now we're just really excited for people to hear it."

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