Google turns to the music of an Australian punk band for its current commercial about its new Chromebook laptop.

The minute-long promo serves as Google's introduction to the Chromebook, which is priced at $249. The ad uses a series of fast-paced images set to the tune of 'Negative Thinking,' a song from the album 'Worldwide' by the Death Set.

The commercial tries to get across the message that the computer is for everyone by running a long list of people who should buy it, from "perfect families" to "real families" to "all families."

The Death Set emerged from Sydney in 2005 and moved to the U.S., releasing a number of albums, EPs and remixes. 'Worldwide' earned positive reviews, with the BBC writing the record "tore things up like the Tasmanian Devil whirring across a new-rave Shoreditch with Minor Threat on its headphones."

Founding member Beau Velasco died in 2009, but the group has carried on with a new lineup. Their most recent studio album, 2011's 'Michel Poiccard,' includes songs inspired by Velasco.

Hear the Death Set's 'Negative Thinking' in the Google Chromebook Commercial