In the new GoPro ad, surfer Anthony Walsh treats us to glimpses of peaceful and scenic Tahiti between barrel rolls on the word-class waves. Thanks to the company’s advanced technology, professionals and laymen alike can take their cameras on a variety of adventures, including surfing, auto racing and cycling. The tune featured in the clip is Typhoon’s ‘The Honest Truth.’

The track is from the Portland-based group’s ‘A New Kind of House’ EP, which dropped back in 2011 via Tender Loving Empire. With more than a dozen members playing instruments ranging from violins to horns to xylophones, the song comes alive with instrumental richness.

If you’re digging the music in the commercial (watch below), keep an eye out for Typhoon’s next studio effort, which should be along in the not-too-distant future. “We’re pleased to announce that our upcoming full length record ‘White Lighter’ is mixed and mastered!” the band wrote on their official website back in February.

And if Typhoon sound a little familiar, it might be because you've caught them on tour with the Decemberists or at Lollapalooza or the Newport Folk Fest.

Hear Typhoon’s ‘The Honest Truth’ in the GoPro 2013 Commercial