Tonight (June 5), Grace Potter showed she has the most powerful voice in all of Mountain Jam so far -- a voice that wears its influences on its sleeve; influences that happen to be as ingrained in Mountain Jam as she is.

Potter, who's played Mountain Jam five times before tonight, drew on the gritty blues of Gregg Allman -- a two-time MJ headliner -- and the Texas-whiskey-blues-via-Staffordshire scream of Robert Plant, who plays tonight at 9:30, all twisted together with gospel, hair metal, and '90s alternative a la Cheryl Crow.

Her stage swagger, however, is all classic rock, with a sexiness that emulates Plant and a band that rides avalanches of Page-like slide and Bonham-like stomp. Potter and the band partied through a cover of Johnny Cash's "God's Gonna Cut You Down" and her own new song, "Empty Heart." When Warren Haynes joined her for a cover of Neil Young's "Cinnamon Girl," his own slippery lead sounded like vintage Page. And the double entendres on her own "Turntable" directly challenge something dustier like "The Lemon Song."

In an interview before the set, Potter told us she's always wanted to collaborate with Plant. But from what we can tell, she's got the sexy, shattering rock and roll thing down, all on her own.

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