Earlier this year, Hyundai -- the official vehicle partner of the GRAMMY Awards -- and the Recording Academy struck up a new three-year relationship in support of the GRAMMY Amplifier program. Through this program, they seek out the very best new emerging artists that have yet to be discovered.

With the massive amount of talented musicians out there, it's a noble -- and seemingly impossible -- cause.

Yesterday (March 17), at an event in Austin, Texas, to help kick-off the 2015 edition of the SXSW Music Festival, the winners of this year’s GRAMMY Amplifier were announced, along with their unforgettable prizes.

ChinahBlac, Wes-Tone and Cramer all caught the eyes and ears of GRAMMY Amplifier Ambassador Mark Ronson and curators the Band Perry, Ziggy Marley and Allen Stone.

Hailing from Newark, N.J., alternative singer-songwriter ChinahBlac and her song, “Keep Your Word,” earned her the ‘Music Video Experience,’ where she will film and star in her own official video with a famous director.

Calling Minneapolis home, Americana musician Wes-Tone and his track, “Drunk and Unemployed,” will find him growing with the ‘Studio Recording Session’ alongside a GRAMMY-winning producer.

And rounding out this year’s winners, Maryland’s own indie R&B superstar, Cramer, is hitting the road with the ‘Opening Slot’ prize, where she’ll open for an acclaimed musician’s tour or festival, thanks to her song, “It’s Alright (It’ll Only Hurt a Little).”

2015 marks the third installment of the GRAMMY Amplifier, and thanks to the partnership between Hyundai and the Recording Academy, it looks like it will only grow and thrive in the years to come. With so much new music hitting our ears every single day, it’s reassuring to know that the industry is stepping up to help discover worthwhile talent.

Who will be the next GRAMMY Amplifier?

2015 GRAMMY Amplifier Winners

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