Recently, Greece has been making headlines again for its economic distress, specifically its rocketing unemployment rate. The guys of GravitySays_i aren't standing idly by, but rather, they're using their music to speak out about the country’s strife.

The band says their sophomore album, ‘The Figures of Enormous Grey and the Patterns of Fraud,’ explores how the actions of the country’s major institutions affect society’s values.

You can hear GravitySays_i’s message in today’s free MP3, ‘The Finger of Blame.’ The sextet — Niko Retsos (drums, synths), Manos Paterakis (guitars, Santouri), Akis Papavasiliou (guitars), Lefteris Varthalis (bass), Spiros Vrionis (cello, guitars) and Costas Stergiou (keys) — creates a dark yet lush soundscape with the variety of instruments in their arsenal.

“On [a] musical level, it bends from progressive and post-rock to traditional Mediterranean music, with a complexity of instruments and sounds, basically in non-repeated musical forms,” they tell

“The album was recorded in our band’s studio in Piraeus, Greece, which makes it 100 percent homemade, between 2009 and early 2011, with plenty of time to experiment with new instruments and sounds and countless hours to erase, rewrite or build up differently our music and a very big need to say some certain things about our society, from our point of view, as we see it collapsing here,” they add.

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