It’s been a few years since Green Day released 2009’s politically and socially charged ‘21st Century Breakdown,’ and frontman Billie Joe Armstrong recently took to Twitter letting fans know firsthand that the band is finally back in the studio. In true Green Day fashion Armstrong tweeted, “Officially started recording the new record today. It's F---TIME!!!!"

Judging from the recent video clips of the band in the studio, he means that quite literally. In an exchange in the studio between Armstrong and bassist Mike Dirnt, Dirnt gets right down to business, saying, “I’m just trying to think how we can make people feel more attached, as attached to the record as we feel.” Armstrong chimes in saying, “I think it’s so personal and so voyeuristic. This is the first time we ever really sung about f—ing.” Dirnt closes out the clip by responding, “The songs are gonna f—ing blow their minds.” So judging from that, can we assume that Green Day is recording a whole album about hot sweaty lovin’? Only time will tell.

Over the past year Green Day have debuted several new songs during spur-of-the-moment intimate gigs in both California and New York, giving fans on both coasts a taste of what’s on the horizon. Songs like ‘Make Out Party,’ and ‘Wow, That’s Loud’ were christened on the live stage, both song titles hinting that they’d fit right in to the sexually charged theme the band seems to be building on during this current recording cycle. That said, there's no confirmation yet on if any of these songs have made the final cut.

For fans hoping for Green Day's next rock opera, it sounds like you might be out of luck this time around. New tunes like ‘Let Yourself Go’ and ‘Carpe Diem’ both show early signs of Green day's old punk influences, perhaps foreshadowing a return to their roots. Listen to a live version of 'Carpe Diem' below. There was also a song called ‘Amy’ that the band dedicated to Amy Winehouse during a show shortly after her passing. The next day they posted the lyrics to the song online here.

While a lot of new Green Day songs have been played live in very rough form, the band is still keeping tight-lipped on what songs have made the cut or when we can expect a release date for the new collection, but stay tuned to the band’s YouTube channel where they post weekly updates straight from the studio.

If you're still in need of some Green Day, 'American Idiot,' the smash hit musical based on their album of the same name, is currently making its way across the U.S. so check it out!

Listen to Green Day Perform 'Carpe Diem' Live