After taking a detour for steely-eyed cultural criticism with their last two albums, 'American Idiot' and '21st Century Breakdown,' the grown-up pop-punkers in Green Day are returning to their hookier, scrappier roots with their upcoming trilogy of '¡Uno!,' "¡Dos!,' and "¡Tre!,' described by Billie Joe Armstrong as "somewhere between AC/DC and the early Beatles."

Having already spoken freely about the recording sessions and writing process and also having released a trailer for the album, the band has finally released the tracklist for the first installment of the rock triptych.

Green Day has peppered their recent shows with tracks from their upcoming albums and no fewer than six of the tracks have been floating around the Internet in live bootlegs. But for folks waiting for proper audio, 'Oh Love,' the first single from '¡Uno!'--and the album's closer--is expected to be released on July 16.

As for us, we can't wait to hear 'Kill the DJ,' which finds the band in uncharted, dance music territory which Armstrong says was their attempt to sonically emulate 'Sandinista!'-era Clash and Tom Tom Club.

'¡Uno!' is set to hit shelves on September 25 with '¡Dos!' following in Nov. 23 and '¡Tre!' wrapping up the releases next year on Jan. 15.

Tracklist for Green Day's '¡Uno!'

1. 'Nuclear Family'
2. 'Stay the Night'
3. 'Carpe Diem'
4. 'Let Yourself Go'
5. 'Kill the DJ'
6. 'Fell for You'
7. 'Loss of Control'
8. 'Troublemaker'
9. 'Angel Blue'
10. 'Sweet 16'
11. 'Rusty James'
12. 'Oh Love'