When you're part of a major rock band, you often get the opportunity to share stages with your fellow musicians from across the pop music spectrum. Sometimes it seems as if Dave Grohl's entire career is built around the idea of wanting to jam with his idols at awards shows and benefit concerts. (Honestly, we can't blame him.)

But it doesn't always work out so well. In a new interview, Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong said that one such time was when he performed alongside Bon Jovi, whom he told Kerrang! (via ContractMusic) was "the worst."

The best, Armstrong said, was the Swedish group the Hives, who he called "a great live band."

Armstrong also revealed how he came to wear his trademark eyeliner. "The first time I ever wore eyeliner was 1990," he said. "I thought I looked cool, like Mike Ness from Social Distortion." He added that it helped start conversations with girls in his single days. "When you were at shows you could ask them, 'Do you have any eyeliner?'" he continued. "They'd be like, 'Yeah.' 'Well can you put it on me?' And they were like, 'Yeah, sure!'''