The Hives

Desperados Beer 2013 Commercial – What’s the Song?
Desperados have unveiled their ‘Cheers & Slam’ campaign, in which opposing tribes come together to enjoy the unique, refreshing taste of tequila-flavored beer. The two-and-a-half minute commercial (watch below) is more like a short film, following the characters on a spirited quest to quench their thirst, and it features the catchy tune ‘Go Right Ahead’ by Swedish garage rockers the Hives. Rea
‘The Internship’ Trailer – What’s the Song?
Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson have teamed up to star in ‘The Internship,’ a comedy centering around two old-school salesmen who land internships at Google despite their ignorance of technology. You can hear the Hives’ tune ‘Try It Again’ in the quirky, two-and-a-half minute trailer for the upcoming flick.
Fork It Over
The Hives must fork over nearly 18.5 million kronor, which amounts to about $3 million in U.S. dollars, to their fellow Swedes the Cardigans, a court has ruled. The whopping payback stems from the fact that a recording studio managed both bands' funds routinely swapped money between accounts. The Hives are not stoked about having to pay up, and with good reason.
Pellle Howls, We Listen
Swedish garage rockers the Hives are known for their vigorous stage presence -- something they've showcased with nonstop touring since the release of their latest album, ‘Lex Hives.’ The band kicked off 2013 by taking the U.S. by storm -- check out our exclusive photos of their raucous rip through a sold-out New York City gig -- and now, the group is gearing up for some Swedish shows at the end of
Raging Case of Hives
There’s no better way to end the weekend than by getting down with the Hives, and that’s exactly what New Yorkers did last night (March 24) at Irving Plaza, where the Swedish garage-rock heroes played a sold-out show with support from the Livids.
The Hives, ‘Wait a Minute’ – New Video
If you've been itching for a good look at the Hives -- like a really good look -- here's your chance. The Swedish quintet has unleashed a video for 'Wait a Minute,' their second single off  'Lex Hives,' and the clip is composed of extreme close-up shots of the band doing what they do best: rocking the hell out.
Win an Autographed Hives ‘Lex Hives’ CD
Anybody can walk into a record store and pick up a copy of the Hives' stellar latest album, 'Lex Hives,' but getting your hands on one autographed by all five members of the Swedish garage rock outfit ain't so easy. Looking to add such a collector's item to your arsenal of Hives memorabilia? No worries, we've got you covered -- as long as you have a little bit of luck on your side.
Nike+ ‘Kinect Training’ Xbox 360 Commercial – What’s the Song?
'Go Right Ahead' and buy yourself one -- that could be the mantra behind the new commercial for the Nike+ 'Kinect Training' video game/personal training system for Xbox 360. It's also the name of the Hives song that's featured in the ad, an uptempo scorcher of a song that the Hives themselves have described as their "first flirt with glam punk, if you will." We definitely will.
Hives Guitarist Nicholaus Arson: Rock ‘n’ Roll Is ‘Looks, Guts and Jumping’ – Exclusive Interview
If you enjoy your music hard, fast and loud, you may be familiar with the Hives, Sweden’s most manic musical export. Vaunted, or even feared, for their live shows, the quintet transfers that same energy to their galvanizing new record, ‘Lex Hives.’ A key contributor to the rioting is guitarist Nicholaus Arson, who took the time to talk to about why the Hives are his favorite band, why
The Hives, ‘Lex Hives’ – Album Review
The Hives have made a career out of being crazier than anybody else -- and with their fifth studio effort, 'Lex Hives,' the crowd provoking, guitar twirling, eardrum crushing garage glam-punk Swedes have made the comeback album of the year.

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