Hey kids, see that thing with the magnetic tape on spools housed in a plastic cartridge that's pictured in the Green Day video above? To those of use old enough to remember Green Day riding their 'Basket Case' video out of the buzz bin and into the world of rock superstardom, the cassette tape is old hat. But for an entire generation born in the '90s, that obsolete technology may be as familiar as eight-tracks or vinyl records -- in other words, not familiar at all.

'X-Kid' comes from '¡Tre!,' the third and final installment from the band's trilogy that started off with '¡Uno!’ and ‘¡Dos!’ (Read our '¡Tre!' review here). Is it just us, or do the chords to this power-pop ditty sound more than a little bit like the Foo Fighters' 'Big Me?' Just a thought.