Gregg Allman will be buried following a private service this Saturday. His manager, Michael Lehman, said that it will take place at Snow's Memorial Chapel in his hometown of Macon, Ga.

Lehamn gave the details to the Macon Telegraph, saying, “The family is hoping to keep this between 75 and 100 people.” He added that Allman, who passed away on Saturday from liver cancer, had requested that "no suits" are to be worn. Attendees are encouraged to wear blue jeans and, at the most, sport coats. "It’s a sad time, and we all feel blessed that we had Gregg as as long as we did,” Lehman added, “and that he imparted the beautiful music on the world that he did.”

Although it's a private service, fans are not being shut out of the day. They are being asked to line the route the funeral procession will take from the chapel to Rose Hill Cemetery, roughly one mile away. Allman will be buried next to his brother Duane and original Allman Brothers Band bassist Berry Oakley.

Allman's oldest son, Devon, told Billboard that he has an idea for a way for the public to remember his father's life. "We are, once we get through the services, myself and his manager, I told him I had an idea about on his birthday [Allman would have turned 70 on Dec. 8] having a big celebration of life for him in New York City, a big concert where all his friends can play, play his songs, donate the money to charity and just have a big love-in in his honor."

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