Liam Gallagher gave fans in his hometown of Manchester, England the first taste of his upcoming solo debut, As You Were. He premiered seven of its songs at his first-ever solo gig tonight at the Ritz.

In addition to "Wall of Glass," which is expected to be the first single, NME named the other six new cuts as "Greedy Soul," "Bold," "Paper Crown," "It Doesn"t Have To Be That Way," "Universal Gleam" and "You"d Better Run, You"d Better Hide." He filled out the rest of the 13-song show with six Oasis songs.

Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs, who played guitar in Oasis from its 1991 founding until 1999, came on for the main set closer, "Be Here Now." Gallagher encored with one song, an a capella version of "Live Forever." The article adds that he took to the stage to Oasis' "F---in' in the Bushes" and that he fronted a four-piece band.

Gallagher set up his stage with 22 candles, one for each of the fatalities of last week's bombing at the Manchester Arena. Last week, he pledged all of the proceeds from tonight's concert to the British Red Cross' "We Stand Together" fund that was established to help the families of the victims. “I just knew I had to,” he said. “I’m not in it for the money. The gig was going to happen anyway and we all have to do what we can. I want to try and help pick people up. People like me, doing what we do, it’s our duty to give people a good time.”

Apart from "Wall of Glass," videos of complete songs have yet to surface. However, you can check out portions of every cut Gallagher played below..

Liam Gallagher, May 30, 2107, The Ritz, Manchester, England Set List

1. "Rock 'n' Roll Star"
2. "Morning Glory"
3. "Greedy Soul"*
4. "Wall of Glass"*
5. "Bold"*
6. "Paper Crown"*
7. "D"You Know What I Mean"
8. "Slide Away"
9. "It Doesn"t Have To Be That Way"*
10. "You"d Better Run, You"d Better Hide"*
11. "Universal Gleam"*
12. "Be Here Now"


13. "Live Forever"

* (New song)

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