Grizzly Bear have announced they will start recording for their first album in four years next month.

The band divulged the good news in a series of tweets (read below), revealing they have “tons of songs” to take into the studio in May. “Thanks so much to all of you… that still care,” they wrote. “We are ready to unleash a fresh album and hopefully under a fresh government!”

Grizzly Bear hope that government will be led by Bernie Sanders. Amid the album news, the band also announced they will play the Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate’s rally in Brooklyn this weekend -- their first live performance in more than two years. That will take place in Prospect Park on Sunday, April 17. It’s free and open to the public. Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste detailed his support for Sanders in a recent Instagram post.

When Grizzly Bear’s long-awaited fifth album does arrive, it will follow 2012’s Shields.

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