Last month, Halsey made her debut with Badlands, a concept album that maps out a fictional dystopian universe the singer concocted in meticulous detail.

“[The Badlands] is this society I came up with, this booming metropolis full of commercialism,” she told Rolling Stone. “There’s a battle between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, and it’s surrounded by a desert wasteland. It seems to pop up out of nowhere, and it keeps the people of Badlands trapped inside the Badlands, and keeps anyone else out. There’s a sense of unity, a sense of privacy.”

Halsey explores that world in the album’s 11 tracks, and now, it has been realized in the singer’s video for “New Americana.” It’s a visual of silver screen proportions with a Hunger Games-esque plot. The up-and-coming electro-pop star portrays the leader of a band of Biggie and Nirvana-loving rebels -- see how it plays out in the clip above.

"New Americana" is the latest single to emerge from Badlands in large part thanks to the relentless promo work of Apple Music’s Beats 1. You can grab the album now over at iTunes or find a physical copy at this location.

Halsey's North American tour takes her to San Diego, Calif., tomorrow (Sept. 30). From there, she has stops scheduled through December. See a complete itinerary at her website.

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