Sometimes bad news is followed by good. Yesterday (July 21), we reported on the passing of electronic music pioneer Dieter Moebius. Now, we have received word that his entire recorded output with the band Harmonia is set for a deluxe box set treatment.

Harmonia, along with like-minded combos like Neu!, Cluster and Kraftwerk, took pop music, dismantled it and reassembled it in a new form based heavily on electronic sounds. Though their output wasn't large, it was influential on those who heard it. Thanks to Grönland Records, even more fans will get the chance to listen when they release Harmonia: Complete Works as a vinyl box set on Oct. 2.

"We at Grönland have had the pleasure to have worked very closely with Dieter in recent years and we will miss him dearly. We knew about his illness and despite this, he continued working closely on the box set with us. He and Grönland always wanted the box to be a statement of this incredible music and of life itself," the label says in a statement released today, July 22. "Dieter was not only an extraordinary musician, but also a wonderful person with a very special sense of humor."

The set will include the band's two original studio albums, Harmonia and Deluxe, as well as the Tracks and Traces collaboration album with Brian Eno. In addition, there are two LPs of live material, Live 1974, and Documents 1975, which also includes two unreleased studio tracks.

As if that weren't enough, the release also features a lush 36-page booklet including previously unreleased photography documenting the history of Harmonia, a special Harmonia live poster, beautiful pop-up artwork presenting the Harmonia headquarters in their home of Forst Germany and a download code for all of the songs within.