Emo has certainly evolved from its primordial beginnings. From the intricate melodies of Sunny Day Real Estate, the genre took a discouraging detour through screamo, which ultimately killed the whole movement ... or did it?

In recent years, the 20-somethings that were dedicated to emo’s initial proliferation in their young teenage years have themselves begun making emo music. But it’s evolved enough that it sounds more like it did in the early days, and at the same time, it's still rough around the edges.

Enter Have Mercy. The Baltimore-based band only have a few tunes out there right now, but they'll soon be tearing up the Eastern Seaboard with their first LP, 'The Earth Pushed Back.'

Lead single 'This Old Ark' offers quite the dynamic introduction to these fellas. Subdued guitars reign surprisingly heavy while frontman Brian Swindle sings like a Civil War mercenary pleading for stale bread: Very emo, very cool.

“When we were on tour with the Jealous Sound in October, I remember loading into a venue on Long Island and heard someone whistling the end of ‘This Old Ark,’" Swindle tells Diffuser. “I looked back and it was Mike from the Jealous Sound, who became a good friend of ours that week. I didn't even say a thing to him, and he says, ‘You guys write some catchy songs, man. I can't get it out of my head.’ I think that's when we realized we would put ‘This Old Ark’ on the full length.”

Rage quietly, emo comrades, and grab 'The Earth Pushed Back' on May 21 via Topshelf Records.

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