Next week, Shooter Jennings will take a left turn when he releases his new album Countach (For Giorgio), a tribute to Italian disco producer Giorgio Moroder. It’s sure to be compelling and weird, which certainly is the case for Jennings’ collaboration with Marilyn Manson on a cover of David Bowie and Moroder’s “Cat People.”

Bowie and Moroder teamed up on “Cat People” for Paul Schrader’s 1982 horror film of the same name, and it later appeared on Bowie’s Let’s Dance the following year. For Jennings’ rendition, the country rocker delivers some haunting fiddle and, of course, Manson adds his own dark, lurching signature. Take a listen:

Countach is due out Feb. 26 on vinyl via BCR Media. It will receive a digital release on March 11. It also features collaborations with Brandi Carlile and Steve Young. Check out the cover art and track list below:

Shooter Jennings
BCR Media

Countach (For Giorgio) Track List
1. “Loading…”
2. “Countach”
3. “From Here to Eternity”
4. “I’m Left You’re Right She’s Gone”
5. “Born to Die” (Feat. Steve Young)
6. “Chase” (Feat. Richard Garriott de Cayeux)
7. “Love Kills”
8. “The Neverending Story” (Feat. Brandi Carlile)
9. “Cat People” (Feat. Marilyn Manson)