It might not quality as a supergroup, since there are only two of 'em, but Heb-Hex is more than just a couple of dudes with guitars. The duo comprises former Yuck frontman Daniel Blumberg, now of Hebronix, and Neil Hagerty, the indie stalwart behind Howling Hex and Royal Trucks. On Nov. 25, they drop their debut single, 'Bad Day,' and they're spreading the word via the charmingly silly video above.

The Heb-Hex partnership stems from Hagerty's production work on Hebronix's debut, 'Unreal,' which dropped earlier this year, and the forthcoming limited-edition 'Bad Day' 7-inch features one song from each artist. Blumberg penned this easy-going guitar jam -- a tune that makes you sway like those action figures in the video -- while Hagerty handled the flip side, 'Eve's Child.' Click here for more info on this sure-to-be-coveted slab of vinyl.