With the spirit of CCR haunting their amps and the vibration of James Taylor's earthly frequency ringing in their ears, Hollis Brown have gone back to the '70s and added their own chapter to the history of classic rock. Little sets Brown's 'Ride On the Train' apart from other albums of the same genre released 40 years ago. That's true from the faded, sepia-toned album cover and crisp production to the faint white vinyl-style noise that peeks through during pauses in songs. Maybe in the '70s the bands didn't wear American Apparel V-necks to photo shoots, but so what?

"'Nightfall' is about the bond I have with my father since my mothers passing," singer Mike MontaliIt told Diffuser.fm, descrbing today's free MP3. "It's about the natural evolution of all relationships and how a true connection can persevere through it all. It's the only song I've ever written while crying."

You won't hear the tears falling onto Mike's guitar, but genuine emotion cuts through clearly in the seasoned vocalist's tone as 'Nightfall' drifts on beneath his Eagles-meets-Black Keys melodic bawl. And you can witness the wail firsthand as Hollis Brown hits the road, covering the entire country over the next two months.

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