With the Black Keys' sound -- great though it is -- turning evermore modern, Hollis Brown's 'Ride On the Train' might be the closest thing to a classic rock album that Generation X will know. And we're cool with that. These four Yankees are genuine in their affection for the oldies, so much that they passed over NYC's wealth of storied studio spaces to make this album in Nashville, where they could harness Bob Dylan's energy and infuse the music with that vital Americana atmosphere.

'Walk On Water,' the record's second single, sees the band exploring deeper, albeit veiled, lyrical themes.

"'Walk On Water' is the closest thing to a protest song we have," singer Mike Montali says. "It's kind of like, if you want to play the Jesus role, you have to be willing to lose it all, which is almost what the war in Iraq and Afghanistan did to America economically and ideologically. On the surface, though, we were just trying to get across that to accomplish greatness, in any field, you have to realize that you might fall on your face and never recover."

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