The makers of the Honda Accord know you so well that it's almost creepy. The company describes all of the ways it connects with its customers in a new commercial featuring pretty piano music from Matador artist Perfume Genius.

The song is called 'Dark Parts' and appears on 'Put Your Back N 2 It,' the latest release from Perfume Genius, aka Seattle-based singer-songwriter Mike Hadreas. While the original track features vocals, the ad grabs just the instrumental portion, which plays in the background while a narrator explains the extent to which Honda knows its customers.

Paired with a series of clips of regular people driving their 2013 Accords, the voiceover says, "We know you. We know that things don't always go like you plan. We know how hard you have to work just to spend some time away from it. And that you don't get enough sleep. We know that sometimes you need to let loose or take out some frustrations. We know your mind wanders. And there are people you love unconditionally. Because the best way to make a car is to know you, the people who use it."

Hadreas may not have penned 'Dark Parts' for a commercial, but he did write it with a special inspiration in mind. He told the Guardian, "My mom is always asking why can't I make something nice? Because I'll make paintings, say, and they're just really bloody and angsty. So I wrote 'Dark Parts' because I wanted to write something nice for her. And that's the one I'm most proud of too. It's about something my mom's always said, that you're not poisoned by your experiences, they don't break you."

Hear Perfume Genius' 'Dark Parts' in the Honda Accord 'We Know You' Commercial