Aberdeen, S.D.'s persistent music scene has been a best-kept secret for years, and Honest Engine might just be the four guys to clue the rest of the country in. It's no surprise, really, that Aberdeen would produce such a sincere rock 'n' roll band. After all, the sleepy Midwest town has been home base for acts like the Discrepancies, One for the Gipper and failsafe, and it recently launched its own annual music festival.

On their new EP, Honest Engine pay homage to their punk forefathers. Their sound brings us back to the late-'90s punk shows held in ballrooms and K of C halls around the small city, but the group adds a dash of something new by drawing on the ingenuity of Against Me! and the Gaslight Anthem.

Diffuser.fm talked with Honest Engine about the creative process for this EP, and frontman Marcus Hooks explained, "We recorded our practice, and longtime friend Jeremy Burckhard helped us remix this live session. Once we got some of the bass normalized, we were good to go."

Check out the raw, back-to-basics punk 'n' roll anthem 'Twenty Three' below.

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