Trent Reznor's How to Destroy Angels project has released a boatload of information about their upcoming full-length debut, 'Welcome oblivion,' which drops via Columbia Records on March 5. The tracklist for both the CD and vinyl editions of the album has been revealed, and as a bonus for wax aficionados, the latter has two extra, exclusive tracks. There's also a post-apocalyptic new video for the synthy and trippy 'How long?' which should be subtitled 'How to Survive a Nuclear Holocaust.'

There are to be different covers for different configurations of the album. The vinyl artwork is pictured above and to the left. Those aforementioned pair of bonus tracks appearing on the vinyl version will come on a CD packaged with the record.

The tracklistings are below. Notice the sentence-case capitalization -- that's intentional and part of the story as a whole, since Reznor leaves nothing to chance when it comes to his art.

Then there's the video, which is a short film featuring the survivors of what feels like the end of the world. There's also a Darwinian battle and an act of kindness, but that's all we'll tell you. Watch it for yourself!

'Welcome oblivion' Tracklist:

'The wake-up'
'Keep it together'
'And the sky began to scream'
'Welcome oblivion'
'Ice age'
'On the wing'
'Too late, all gone'
'How long?'
'Strings and attractors'
'We fade away'
'Recursive self-improvement'
'The loop closes'
'Hallowed ground'

'The wake-up
'Keep it together
'And the sky began to scream
'Ice age
'Welcome oblivion
'On the wing
'Too late, all gone
'The province of fear
'How long?
'Strings and attractors
'Recursive self-improvement
'Unintended consequences
'We fade away
'The loop closes
'Hallowed ground

How to Destroy Angels
How to Destroy Angels

Watch the How to Destroy Angels 'How long?' Video

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