In a recent episode of Rolling Stone’s Dusk to Dawn series, the magazine travels to Oklahoma with Irish rockstar Hozier and finds him opening up about the influences in his life, and the sort of responsibility he takes on with his music. You can watch the episode in the video above.

"You kind of get wrapped up in so much you don’t think about where you are, what you’re doing, and the fact that you are essentially -- that your dreams are coming true," Hozier says as his tour bus sits in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He admits that he "didn’t know what to expect of 'real' America," but has been pleasantly surprised by the diversity and optimism found in each city.

In addition to his cultural lesson in Oklahoma, Hozier visits the Woody Guthrie Center and gets a tour with the director -- who says her hope is that people will be inspired by Guthrie to change the world for the better with their individual talent. Hozier was obviously humbled by Guthrie’s history, saying, “He just spoke from the heart ... he said exactly what he meant. It’d be amazing if more people wrote a bit more like that.”

The video ends with Hozier performing "Angel Of Small Death and the Codeine Scene" at Tulsa's Brady Theater in front of a packed audience. He has a number of gigs scheduled throughout Europe in the near future, and returns to the states on June 10. You can find his full tour itinerary here.