On their excellent 2011 album 'Work (Work Work),' HTRK made dubbed-out, minimalist, gothy pop no one would describe as busy or overcooked. And yet on the follow-up, 'Psychic 9-5 Club,' they strip things down even more, creating the stark, sensual sound heard on the brand-new single 'Give It Up.' (Stream it below.)

'Psychic 9-5 Club' marks the first full album singer Jonnine Standish and producer Nigel Yang have recorded without Sean Stewart, who died while the Aussie group were midway through recording their last LP. Despite the sad loss, the duo have love on the brain, according to a press release, and much of the new record -- due out April 1 on Ghostly International -- centers on that most complex of human emotions.

"You're driving me off the highway," Standish sings on 'Give It Up,' understated as always over spare bass and lightly pulsing synths. "You knock my precious metal sideways on my drive to perfection."