Hundred Visions, or simply "The Hundos," as they're lovingly called by fans, are a new four-piece from Austin who play garage-y, slightly punky rock with a clarity and immediacy that's downright refreshing. Today we get a taste of their debut album, 'Permanent Basement,' with the track 'Where Do I Sign?'

Hundred Visions make the kind of stripped down rock that recalls the Replacements with a slightly more punk-garage energy. (The title 'Permanent Basement' seems appropriate.) Recording their debut "was all about less overdubs, less stuff,” singer Ben Maddox says. “Making things a lot more stripped down.” At the same time, their melodies and guitars are expressive, the former almost recalling Springsteen in the verses on 'Where Do I Sign?' while the guitars are a little like early R.E.M.

It all adds up to a minimal yet emotionally colorful palate. "This song is about being in a depressing place that you want to leave but you don't know how," Maddox tells

One listen and 'Where Do I Sign?' will be your anthem for what remains of summer. Grab it below.

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