Bob Mould has announced he will release a new solo album this spring, but what about that rumored Hüsker Dü reunion? According to the frontman, the answer is an unequivocal “nah.”

In October, a new Hüsker Dü merch website and Facebook page instigated reunion rumors, but Mould recently told Stereogum the sudden activity is merely a business move meant to revive “the logo and the brand.” While he said he's buried the hatchet with former bandmate Grant Hart, they have no interest in reforming the beloved hardcore outfit.

“You know… Grant and I have talked,” Mould said. “We’re fine. Will we work together? No. I like to run my own ship and I think he likes to run his own ship, and that’s great.”

“I never want to take advantage of the fact that I was in that band,” he added. “Nor do I ever want to get in the way of its legacy… Nah, no reunion.”

However, that doesn’t mean we won’t hear anything new from Mould in the near future. He will return with his latest solo effort Patch the Sky on March 25 via Merge. In a statement, he calls the album both his “darkest” and “catchiest” work to date -- a dichotomy that plays out on either side of the record.

“I always aim for the perfect balance of bright melodies and dark stories,” Mould writes. “I’ve used this juxtaposition for years. This time, I’ve tuned it to high contrast.”

“I’ve had a solid stretch of hard emotional times… more death, relationships ending, life getting shorter,” Mould says of the upcoming album. “Just listen and see if you can fit yourself into my stories. The words make you remember. The music makes you forget.”

Patchy the Sky follows Mould’s 2014 full-length Beauty & Ruin. It will again feature a backing band comprised of Jason Narducy and Jon Wurster. You can pre-order the LP right here.

Bob Mould

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