Iggy Pop and Jarvis Cocker have released their cover version of Nick Cave's “Red Right Hand,” which they recorded for the new season of BBC TV series Peaky Blinders. Listen to it via the player below. After Cave's own version was used in the first season in 2013, PJ Harvey recorded her take for the second season in 2014.

“Red Right Hand” first appeared on Let Love In, Cave’s eighth album with the Bad Seeds, released in 1994. The album version ran to over six minutes, while a trimmed-down single stopped just short of five minutes in length. The live mainstay was inspired by the world of John Milton’s Paradise Lost, published in 1667. Cave recently contributed to a soundtrack himself, providing music for the dark military comedy War Machine.

Iggy Pop and Josh Homme were the subject of a documentary, American Valhalla, released earlier this year, covering their album Post Pop Depression and its ensuing world tour. “I became one of those singers whose career is a slave to his band," Pop said in the film, about his decision to work with Homme. "I wanted an emotional escape, so I decided I had to strike out on my own, live and on record, to see what I was worth."

Former Pulp frontman Cocker’s previous screen work includes providing music for Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories, released last year. “Four grubby tales set in all night cafes, low rent drinking dens and doctor’s surgeries. I didn't have to leave my comfort zone for this assignment,” Cocker noted.

Listen to "Red Right Hand" by Iggy Pop and Jarvis Cocker


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