It's not enough to just listen to music and catch your favorite artists onstage these days. Real fans follow their favorites on Twitter to get even more insight into the men and women behind the music. Some use social media as a marketing platform to get the word out about their upcoming releases and shows, but the best accounts come from the artists who use Twitter as a means to bestow the world with their random and goofy-as-hell 140-character thoughts. Below, we’ve collected some of our favorites who’ve made a seamless transition from accomplished musicians to Twitter banter pros.

  • Jon Wurster

    Superchunk and Mountain Goats drummer Jon Wurster has taken to Twitter with ease, considering he’s already demonstrated his comedic prowess on his more than 10 years worth of guest appearances on ‘The Best Show on WFMU With Tom Scharpling.’ He condenses that natural wit into 140-character quips on everything from his qualms with ukulele-laden music to his ridiculous play on words, like the sample tweet below.

  • John Darnielle

    Speaking of the Mountain Goats, John Darnielle has also carved out his own place among Twitter indie stars by composing thoughtful and often hilarious posts. His tweets cover everything from reproductive rights to his fondness for death metal and — of course — Justin Bieber.

    dance like lots of people are watching and thinking about how you're so hot they can't even stand it and it's about to make them cry

  • Neko Case

    Neko Case's keen honesty has always been at play in her music, and it’s certainly not missing from her Twitter feed. Humor isn’t absent from her music either (Case in point: her ruminations on the ‘80s and its puffy sleeves in her latest release’s ‘I’m From Nowhere’), but on her Twitter, it prevails. Especially in her many tweets about animals, specifically her own beloved pets.

  • Carrie Brownstein

  • Aimee Mann

  • Ezra Koenig

    blog dedicated to documenting his best 140-character compositions. His often unnecessarily abbreviated Internet speak makes us chuckle, but it also has a way of pointing to youth’s obsession with the technology dominating their day-to-days -- like that
    time he asked his followers to type his name before bowing before their devices.

  • Harlem

  • Patrick Carney

    The Black Keys drummer has become a Twitter star in his own right, what with his habit for starting Internet wars with beloved pop stars -- Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber being the most notable feuds. The former started with an innocuous tweet wherein Carney inaccurately, but quite deliberately, called the singer Madonna. The latter — well, it’s Justin Bieber, so there’s
    plenty of droopy, leopard-print-pant fodder to work with. In both instances, however, Carney was attacked by the pop stars’ devout followings. Did that quiet the Akron drummer? Of course not.

  • Ryan Adams

  • A.C. Newman

    New Pornographers singer-songwriter A.C. Newman’s Twitter feed is filled with clever posts, including multi-tweet digressions on cutting down trees with axes and criticisms of Best Buy’s support team.

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