The Black Keys

In 2001, friends Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney decided to drop out of college and start a rock band. Their sound was defined by clipped-fuzz guitars underpinned by shuffling, grooved-out drums. This approach worked well enough to get the duo noticed by the general music-loving public, but the Black Keys got their first taste of the big time after teaming up with producer Danger Mouse. They then started incorporating more complex arrangements into their music, but without sacrificing that blues sound that made the band so popular initially. The 2010 album ‘Brothers’ pushed the Keys to another, higher level of success. It also primed fans for 2011’s ‘El Camino’ and the dance-inducing single ‘Lonely Boy.’ ‘El Camino’ was a departure for the band in that, aside from including lush instrumentation, it was probably the most accessible album the band had ever recorded. Today, they remain one of the diligent few keeping old-fashioned guitar rock alive and well.

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