If you're familiar with any of the groups on the biblically long list of Thomas Rehbein-affiliated projects, you might be thrown for a loop when you listen to the reverb-sodden sheets of noisy melody that characterize International Karate.

An addict of creation, Thomas has lent his talents to the Huntingtons, Small Towns Burn a Little Slower, Farewell Continental and Party House, to name a few, but International Karate explore a new direction -- one the artist and poet's more pop-oriented projects have not satisfied in the past.

"I've always loved those old post-punk records like Psychedelic Furs and the Jesus & Mary Chain, so that has been the impetus behind making this album; a passion for fun, noisy, three-chord songs," Tom tells Diffuser.fm about the album 'Panic United,' due out Sept. 28.

For fans of Starflyer 59, New Order and the Pixies, the music is fun, summery, underproduced and overly drenched in echoes and hidden accompaniments. Snag the single 'When Trouble Comes My Way' below.

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