Internet Explorer has launched a series of new commercials to promote its latest version, and the upbeat tune featured in the recent ads is ‘Pot Kettle Black’ by Nebraska natives Tilly and the Wall.

The catchy track is from their album ‘o,’ which dropped back in 2008 via Team Love Records. With the lyrics “I bet you think we didn’t know / Didn’t even see the tides change / But it’s a small, small world, girl / Getting even smaller every day,” it’s well-suited for the pair of high-energy clips (watch below).

“On ode to schoolyard smack-talking ‘Pot Kettle Black,’ which was recorded in a local school's gym with a 10-person stomp group, the band matches its marching beats with a tough electric guitar melody that struts and stops abruptly, overshadowing its usually lighthearted, buzzy synths,” wrote Pitchfork in a review. “Singer Kianna Alarid, who has always used her girlishly feisty voice to a cheerleader-y effect, unleashes her inner Karen O, wringing distortion from her mic with her acidic, kittenish tones to match the garage-rock assault of the music.”

'Pot Kettle Black' also shows up in the 2009 film ‘Whip It,’ a 2010 Jaguar commercial and the video game 'Midnight Club: Los Angeles.' Tilly and the Wall also appeared on the pilot episode of '90210' to perform the song.

Hear Tilly and the Wall’s ‘Pot Kettle Black’ in the Internet Explorer 2013 Commercials