Indie folk rock vets Iron and Wine are getting ready to release a new album of previously unreleased material, and have given us a taste of the collection. 'Everyone's Summer of '95' is a preview of the forthcoming anthology, 'Archive Series Volume No. 1,' and dates back to 2002, "from when I was making music just for the sake of making music, when it was more a just a hobby," Sam Beam (a.k.a. Iron and Wine) said.

The song -- along with the others on the collection -- was recorded as a demo by Beam around the time of the debut album, 'The Creek Drank the Cradle.' 'Archive Series Volume No. 1' features 16 unreleased home demos, and though some of the material has been bootlegged, this marks the first proper release of these early recordings.

In addition to the album, a short film, 'Iron & Wine: Dreamers and Makers Are My Favorite People,' has been put together. It features Beam performing some of these songs, for the first time in public, at the Jerry Run Summer Theater in Cleveland, W.V.

'Archive Series Volume No. 1' is set for release on February 24, via the Black Cricket Recording Co. It is promised to be the first in a series of releases that cull from "tapes found in the back corners of closets and dusty shoe boxes -- long neglected but never forgotten."

Archive Volume No. 1 Track List

1. 'Slow Black River'
2. 'The Wind Is Low'
3. 'Eden'
4. 'Two Hungry Blackbirds'
5. 'Freckled Girl'
6. 'Judgement'
7. 'Sing Song Bird'
8. 'Beyond The Fence'
9. 'Quarters In A Pocket'
10. 'Loretta'
11. 'Everyone's Summer of '95'
12. 'Minor Piano Keys'
13. 'Your Sly Smile'
14. 'Halfway To Richmond'