Want some more Iron and Wine in your life? If not, tough luck: Sam Beam is ready to give you another dose!

Beam, who performs under the name Iron and Wine, is releasing 'Ghost on Ghost' on April 16 via Nonesuch. It'll be Iron and Wine's fifth full-length record and its first for the label after a brief stint on Warner Bros. for 'Kiss Each Other Clean,' which debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard chart upon its release in 2011.

Iron and Wine have also shared the affecting and unforgettable new track 'Lover's Revolution,' which you can listen to below. The slow, deliberate, horn-driven song is rich and lush and lead by Beam's sometimes hushed, sometimes commanding voice. It's what you might call neo-indie jazz-infused folk, with a slowly burning tension and mystery. Take a listen and come to your own conclusion.

Tour dates and details of a pre-order package are forthcoming and will be made available here. While you have to wait for that information, one thing you can have right now is the tracklist, which is posted below.

Iron and Wine 'Ghost on Ghost' Tracklist:

'Caught in the Briars'
'The Desert Babbler'
'Low Light Buddy of Mine'
'Graces for Saints and Ramblers'
'Grass Windows'
' Singers and the Endless Song'
'Sundown (Back in the Briars)'
'Winter Prayers'
'New Mexico’s No Breeze'
'Lovers’ Revolution'
'Baby Center Stage'

Listen to Iron and Wine's 'Lover's Revolution'