There have been many initiatives popping up about protecting the environment and "going green" in the last four to five years. However, folk rock mainstay Jack Johnson has been looking out for Hawaii's well-being before it became the trendy thing to do.

Johnson grew up in Oahu, Hawaii and started a non-profit group with his wife Kim in 2003 to protect the state's natural resources. The Kokua Hawaii Foundation raises eco-awareness at the surrounding area's public school systems.

"We started with the 'Three R's' recycling program -- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle -- and it grew from there," Johnson told CNN. "Now we have several programs. We do a lot of plastic-free initiatives, trying to get kids to bring their own bags and water bottles. Things like that."

Since 2004, Johnson has organized the Kokua Festival in Hawaii to help raise funds for his foundation. Past performers have included Eddie Vedder, Dave Matthews, Ben Harper and Willie Nelson, just to name a few. A select number of live performances from Kokua are available on the compilation 'Jack Johnson and Friends: Best of Kokua Festival,' which is in stores now. Proceeds will benefit the Kokua Hawaii Foundation.

"It's nice to know that we are all coming together to raise money for the kids in Hawaii, for the schools, for these environmental programs," Johnson states. "But at the same time, it's such a special night for me to be able to be onstage with these people. So it's a win-win for me."

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