Jack White's coverpalooza continued the other night with modern rock's greatest guitar hero covering rock's all-time greatest guitarist. At a marathon show in Chicago on Wednesday, White pulled out Jimi Hendrix's 'Manic Depression.'

Lots happened at White's show at the Chicago Theatre, including a 33-song set that stretched out to more than three hours -- a career record for White. He also brought a fan onstage to sing the White Stripes' 'Seven Nation Army' and covered Bob Dylan.

But it's White's electrified take on Hendrix's classic song 'Manic Depression' (which was on Hendrix's debut album, 1967's 'Are You Experienced') that seems to be the highlight of the show. You can listen to audio of the performance above.

White has been playing a ton of great cover songs on his recent tour, tackling everyone from Jay Z and Metallica to the Stooges and Kanye West, often incorporating those artists' classic tracks into his own large arsenal of cuts.

The show in Chicago the other night was also filled with White Stripes and Raconteurs songs along with the usual cuts from White's two solo albums, 'Blunderbuss' and 'Lazaretto.'

And here's footage of a fan playing guitar and singing 'Seven Nation Army,' if you're into that kind of thing: