As Jack White has been setting all kinds of records with his new LP 'Lazaretto,' he's also been demonstrating his prowess in the art of the cover song. Fans most recently got a taste of White's eclectic interests as he covered Metallica's 'Enter Sandman' at Glastonbury over the weekend. Taking that eclectic taste even further, footage has now emerged of White covering none other than Kanye West.

White opened his set in Dublin last week by covering 'Black Skinhead' from West's sixth studio album, 'Yeezus.' While the cover might initially seem bizarre, fans shouldn't be too surprised since White mentioned in a recent interview that the 'Yeezus' tour "might have been the greatest show" he's ever seen. As White wraps up the cover, he leads into the instrumental track 'High Ball Stepper,' the first song released from his latest album.

The Kills opened for White at the show and even joined him onstage for a few songs before he closed out his set -- past curfew -- after the plug was pulled on him.

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