In the latest installment of what's beginning to seem like a quest to become the Willy Wonka of rock 'n' roll, Jack White has followed up his label's 3RPM vinyl compilation by releasing 1,000 flexidisc copies of 'Freedom at 21,' the next single from his upcoming solo album 'Blunderbuss.' And when we say "releasing," we mean literally -- as in into the sky. Attached to helium balloons.

It's all part of White's ongoing experiment with what his label, Third Man Records, has described as "non-traditional forms of record distribution." In a press release, the label explained that White is trying to "get records in the hands of people who don't visit record shops" and assured concerned environmentalists that they were "sure to use biodegradable latex balloons and all-natural twine in the process."

But they didn't just unleash floating records into the wild blue yonder. "Accompanying the balloons were custom postcards with instructions for the finders to submit photos, discovery location and the date on which the record was found," explained the press release. "All of which will be incorporated into a website where fans can access the information." According to the label, they don't expect more than 10 percent of the records to be found, making 'Freedom at 21' another in White's growing string of collectible releases.

Also part of that list: A version of the 'Sixteen Saltines' single pressed on clear, liquid-filled vinyl and covered with a playable etching of the Third Man logo; a version of Karen Elson's 'Milk and Honey' single that was pressed on milk and honey-colored vinyl; a reissued White Stripes single pressed on "red vinyl with black wisps"; and a new live CD/LP from rock legend Jerry Lee Lewis, issued in conjunction with Record Store Day.

Watch the Balloon Launch of Jack White's 'Freedom at 21' Flexi-Disc

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