Some musicians spend today (April 1) looking for ways to play pranks on their fans. Usually, these involve little more than making silly announcements and hoping that a few gullible people believe it (That said, Wilco's "news" that they were releasing 'The Whole Love' on piano roll was pretty funny). But Patti Smith was all business on April 1, appearing on 'CBS Sunday Morning' to about her new album, 'Banga,' which will be released on June 5. The first single, fittingly titled 'April Fool,' was released today on iTunes.

'Banga' is the Smith's 14th album and her first collection of new material since 2004's 'Trampin.' In the interview, the punk icon says that the title was inspired by 'The Master and Margarita' by Russian novelist Mikhail Bulgakov.

'April Fool,'was written a tribute to another Russian writer Nikolai Gogol, who was born on April 1, 1809. "It has references to dead souls, tattered coats, rusty bikes. And it has [Television guitarist] Tom Verlaine playing great guitar on it." Smith said.

In addition to Verlaine, 'Banga' features her long-time collaborator Lenny Kaye and her son Jackson and daughter Jesse Paris. The album contains two songs written in honor of friends, Amy Winhouse ('This Is the Girl') and Johnny Depp ('Nine').

Banga Tracklist

1. Amerigo
2. Fuji-san
3. April Fool
4. This is the Girl
5. Banga
6. Maria
7. Tarkovsky (The Second Stop is Jupiter)
8. Mosaic
9. Nine
10. Seneca
11. Constantine’s Dream
12. After the Gold Rush

Watch Patti Smith Talk About the Name of Her New Album, 'Banga'