Third Man Records shared a photo of label owner and vinyl evangelist Jack White proudly posing with a rare Captain Beefheart 7-inch he just got his hands on. Check out the Instagram post:

White has long-cited the late Captain Beefheart (a.k.a. Don Van Vliet) as a key influence throughout his entire career. The single the ex-White Stripes frontman got his hands on features “Pachuco Cadaver” backed with “Wild Life,” both of which appeared on the 1969 Captain Beefheart album, Trout Mask Replica. White once called the album “one of the most unique records in music history” (via Rolling Stone).

Back in 2000 -- shortly before the White Stripes dropped their breakthrough third LP, White Blood Cells -- they released their own 7” featuring three Captain Beefheart covers: “Party of Special Things to Do” (below), “China Pig” and “Ashtray Heart.” Third Man Records then reissued the 7” in 2011. It's something of a rarity as well, as it's going for a hefty $350 on Amazon.

The White Stripes -- “Party of Special Things to Do” (Captain Beefheart Cover)

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