Jack White was honored with a James Joyce Award by the Literary and Historical Society at Ireland's University College Dublin on Tuesday during a ceremony held on campus. The White Stripes, Raconteurs and Dead Weather rocker was recognized for his outstanding contribution to and success in the world of music.

In a question-and-answer session with 400 students at UCD during the ceremony, White discussed his recent 'Blunderbuss' solo album and collaboration with Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page and U2's the Edge on the 2008 documentary 'It Might Get Loud.' He also ducked questions about Meg White, his ex-wife and former White Stripes bandmate.

“Where’s Meg?” blurted out one student during the Q&A. “I don’t know,” responded White in a terse manner that ended that line of questioning and drew laughs from the crowd. He was more forthcoming about 'It Might Get Loud,' and he praised the Edge, who's a local Dublin hero, in addition to being an international rock superstar.

"Nobody does what he does," he said of the guitarist. "The notes on his guitar keeping rolling over each other all the time. Nobody can touch that."

As for White's decision to take two separate bands out on the road to back him during his 'Blunderbuss' tour, he joked: "It gets me more girls."

The James Joyce Award is named after the University College Dublin alumni and author of such classics as 'Ulysses' and 'Finnegans Wake.' It's given to those who have achieved outstanding success in their given field, with past recipients running the gamut from Noam Chomsky and Desmond Tutu to Russell Brand and the Who's Roger Daltrey.

White kicks off a brief tour of the U.K. and Ireland tonight at Dublin's O2 Arena and will be on the road through a Nov. 8 gig in Edinburgh, Scotland.