The Jam haven't been seen together since frontman Paul Weller broke up the group at the end of 1982. But in a new interview, bassist Bruce Foxton says that the trio, which included drummer Rick Buckler, came pretty close to appearing together last year.

However, it wasn't on a concert stage, but at London's historic Somerset House, where an exhibition dedicated to Jam memorabilia, About the Young Idea, ran. “That should have happened at Somerset House for the exhibition," Foxton told Classic Pop (via NME). "I went with Paul on the press night, but Rick went when no-one else was there. That was a golden opportunity for Rick to turn up. No-one would have argued with the guy. We’d have posed for photos as the three of us and it would have been great. That was a near miss, and it’s a shame Rick didn’t show up.”

For years, the split within the Jam was widely seen as Foxton and Buckler against Weller, with the latter going on to further success, first with the Style Council and then in his solo career. The other two went to other projects, including collaborating on a book about the band and, with other musicians, touring as From the Jam. But Foxton renewed his friendship with Weller several years ago, trading cameos on each other's albums, which seems to have angered Buckler, who once quit the music industry for a career in antique furniture restoration. Still, Foxton is taking a diplomatic approach to the situation.

“I don’t think I’ve ever fallen out with Rick," he continued, "but he’d probably say differently. Now I’m good mates with Paul, it’s ironic that it’s gone awry with Rick. But I wish him all the best.”

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