The Jam are celebrating their 40th anniversary with a new box set, The Jam / 1977, that commemorates the 12 months during which they released two albums and three hit singles. The five-disc set will arrive on Oct. 20.

Disc one covers their debut, In the City along with the non-album single and b-side, "All Around the World" and "Carnaby Street." Disc two features demo recordings made in 1977. Disc three contains their second LP, This Is the Modern World, while disc four is crammed full of radio sessions and live performances. Disc five is a DVD featuring various British television appearances during 1977. Both studio albums have been remastered.

The package also includes a 144-page book featuring new liner notes, photos from the era as well as cuttings, reviews & memorabilia from 1977. It comes housed in a "rigid, lift-off lid" box with five LP-style CD wallets with printed inner bags and also includes five postcards. The first 1,000 copies come with an exclusive print.

The Jam were one of the most successful and prolific acts to pop out of the '70s punk explosion in England. Though they never made a big dent in the U.S., they scored nine Top 10 singles in their native U.K., including four that hit No. 1.

The Jam, 'The Jam / 1977' Track Listing

Disc 1: ‘In the City’ 

1. "Art School"
2. "I’ve Changed My Address"
3. "Slow Down"
4. "I Got By in Time"
5. "Away From the Numbers"
6. "'Batman' Theme"
7. "In the City"
8. "Sounds From the Street"
9. "Non-Stop Dancing"
10. "Time for Truth"
11. "Takin’ My Love"
12. "Bricks & Mortar"
13. "All Around the World"
14. "Carnaby Street"

Disc 2: ‘The Polydor Demos: February 1977’

1. "Art School" (demo)*
2. "In the City" (demo)
3. "I Got By in Time" (demo)*
4. "I’ve Changed My Address" (demo)*
5. "Time for Truth" (demo)
6. "Sounds From the Street" (demo)
7. "Non-Stop Dancing" (demo)*
8. "Bricks and Mortar" (demo)*
9. "Takin’ My Love" (demo)
10. "So Sad About Us" (demo)
11. "Slow Down" (demo)*

Disc 3: ‘This Is the Modern World’ 

1. "The Modern World"
2. "London Traffic"
3. "Standards"
4. "Life From a Window"
5. "The Combine"
6. "Don’t Tell Them You’re Sane"
7. "In The Street Today"
8. "London Girl"
9. "I Need You (For Someone)"
10. "Here Comes the Weekend"
11. "Tonight at Noon"
12. "In the Midnight Hour"

Disc 4: ‘Live 1977’

John Peel sessions April 26, 1977
1. "In the City"
2. "Art School"
3. "I’ve Changed My Address"
4. "The Modern World"

John Peel sessions July 19, 1977
5. "All Around the World"
6. "London Girl"
7. "Bricks & Mortar"
8. "Carnaby Street"

Live at the Nashville – September 10th 1977 (previously unreleased)
9. "Carnaby Street"
10. "The Modern World"
11. "Time for Truth"
12. "So Sad About Us"
13. "London Girl"
14. "In the Street Today"
15. "All Around The World"
16. "London Traffic"
17. "Sweet Soul Music"
18. "Bricks & Mortar"
19. "In the City"
20. "Art School"
21. "In the Midnight Hour"
22. "Sounds From the Street"
23. "Slow Down"

Disc 5: DVD

1. "In the City" (promo video)
2. "Art School" (promo video)
3. "In the City" (‘Top of the Pops’ – May 19, 1977)
4. "All Around The World" (‘Top of the Pops’ – August 18, 1977)
5. "All Around The World" (‘Marc’ – August 24, 1977 )
6. "The Modern World" (‘Top of the Pops’ – November 3, 1977)
7. "In the City" (‘So It Goes’ – November 20, 1977)
8. "Bricks & Mortar" (‘So It Goes’ – November 20, 1977)
9. "Carnaby Street" (‘So It Goes’ – November 20, 1977)
10. "Slow Down" (‘So It Goes’ – November 20, 1977)
11. "All Around the World" (‘So It Goes’ – November 20, 1977)

* Previously unreleased

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