Is Jamie xx of the xx working with Drake on a new album? Lady Gaga? Maybe Madonna?!

A year after Drake said that he wanted to recruit Jamie xx for his next album, the DJ and xx producer has revealed that he's involved in a high-profile project with some "pop artists," though he can't reveal his collaborators at the moment.

"In terms of my own production work I'm working with a few pop artists ... that I can't name yet, and I'm thinking it'll form an EP, but I can't really call it until it's nearly finished for me," he tells FACT magazine.

Also on Jamie's slate: some high-profile DJ gigs. "I'm also getting ready to get back on the DJ circuit more what with all the summer festivals, so I'm working out how to go about that visually as well to keep it interesting," he adds.

Whether he's producing or DJing, the music Jamie listens to invariably becomes a part of the music he's making, and these days, his listening has skewed in a very specific direction.

"[I've been] picking up old records and a lot of African music," he says. "I've been enjoying the melodies and how different the song structuring process is, and especially how danceable it is," he says. "All the records that I collect work their way into the music that I make in some way or another, but I think in terms of the African influence it's becoming more visible."