Jared Leto brought his band and his beard to 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' last night (Aug. 20), but he left with only one fully intact.

The Oscar-winning actor and frontman for 30 Seconds to Mars was prominently featured throughout the episode -- first in a skit with Fallon called 'Intense Staredown' in which they both played holy men pondering the universe while perched on a mountaintop.

But a lot of the action came during the interview segment with Leto, who was also Fallon's first guest of the night ahead of Amy Brenneman of 'The Leftovers.' After discussing a photo Leto recently tweeted of himself hugging a tree, Fallon suggests trimming Leto's massive beard, to which Leto replied, "I have been asked to do some resurrections lately." Fallon promptly grabs clippers and dives into the beard that Leto said he's been growing since the Oscars in March.

Later, Leto led 30 Seconds to Mars in an epic performance of 'End of All Days' from the band's latest full-length, 'Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams.' 30 Seconds to Mars are currently touring in support of the record with Linkin Park. Check out the performance -- complete with a surprise appearance by a gospel choir -- below:

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