The possibility of a Jawbreaker reunion just started sounding a lot more realistic.

During a recent public appearance at Giant Robot in Los Angeles, drummer Adam Pfahler told the audience what they've been waiting to hear since the influential indie-punk outfit broke up in 1996. As Substream reports, Pfahler said he's met up with frontman Blake Schwarzenbach and bassist Chris Bauermeister to rehearse, if only for their own curiosity and to suss out whether they could actually reunite.

"We’ve totally talked about it, and everyone [in the band] is excited about it," Pfahler said. "But it’s gotta be right. It’s gotta be cool... All the money in the world isn’t gonna make that happen. Everyone’s just gotta be right there with it."

Pfahler also discusses the long-awaited Jawbreaker documentary that's been in the works since 2007. Meanwhile, he and Green Day touring guitarist Jason White have teamed up in the new band California and released their self-titled debut album last month.

Watch the entire Giant Robot appearance below.

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