Although Wilco's music is often as dark and unsettling as it is beautiful, frontman Jeff Tweedy has a wickedly dry sense of humor, as evidenced by his stage banter. He put his comedic chops on display last night (Sept. 21), poking fun at some of his band's album titles on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

The issue at hand is their decision to name their newest record Schmilco, an apparent nod to Harry Nilsson's 1971 classic, Nilsson Schmilsson. "Now some people think we don't work hard on our album titles," he said in the video above. "But just because we've had albums called Schmilco and Star Wars and Wilco (The Album) doesn't mean we don't make an effort."

Tweedy proceeded to rattle off the names of a couple of upcoming projects, including Songs or Whatever and Meet the Beatles by Wilco (although the Smithereens kind of got there first). "Then, of course, there's Empty Coke Can," he continued, while glancing around the dressing room. "That's a concept album. It's about ... an empty Coke and ... my hand." A procession of prospective titles then scrolled up on the screen, such as Wilco Does It Again, You're Just Going to Stream This and Shmelf-Titled.

"So the next time someone tells you we don't put a lot of work into things," he concluded, "just tell them ... I don't know ... Something. You make it up."

Wilco just wrapped up the North American leg of their tour in support of Schmilco. In two weeks, they head to South America for about 10 days and will be touring Europe through mid-November. You can see all the details at Wilco's website.

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